About Us

HauseofB is your ultimate place for skincare products. We are a skincare line that provides a conscious and convenient skincare experience for consumers and how they view natural products. We want to educate our customers to make better and informed decisions when catering to your skincare needs naturally.

HauseofB is a black owned business. The founder, Brianna Anderson started HauseofB in her home. It started with her love for natural products and that is how she developed a natural line of skincare products. Thank you for choosing HauseofB to apart of your everyday skincare regimen. We hope you find everything your skin desires. Our skincare line has made a difference in how we view skincare, and we know that it can do the same for you. 



HauseofB is a black owned business that aspires to educate women on a more natural take on skincare. No matter the age, color, or size that you are, HauseofB wants to show appreciation for all things beautiful, and that starts with your skin. Here at HauseofB we want to encourage women  and girls to see the beauty in themselves both inside and out. 


We not only want to not only just educate women about a more natural choice pertaining to skincare, but to also build their confidence. Throughout society, they have told women that you've had to be skinny with perfect skin, and long beautiful hair, but in reality the definition of beautiful is what you make it. Beauty is that freckle that's on someone's cheek, or it's the size 14 pair of jeans that a woman is wearing. No matter what it is you're beautiful. Our slogan "fall in love with your skin" It's not just pertaining to the outside but the inside as well. The only way that you can feel good in your skin is to also feel good on the inside and I believe that's  what sets my company  apart from the rest because I want you to own every part of YOUR beautiful